My previous portfolios

My previous website portfolios still online.

I decided to look for my previous portfolios and found 3 online still working. My last one isn’t online because it isn’t from free hosting accounts. So cool to see how work evolves over time!

See the links below. 🙂

2. WordPress: wordpress-blog-typhography

3. Cargo Collective:


Before I started signing as Bea Janoni, I used “bzzj”. This nickname came up when I was trying to make my twitter account and tried to put “bzj” (the first letters of my full name). As the nickname wasn’t  available I added another Z – without thinking too much. Since nobody understood what it meant and the pronunciation was not an easy thing, I decided to change to my name and surname.



Now it’s hard to imagine when my current portfolio will be outdated, but I know it will change a lot and the works that are now “Portfolio” will become “Archives”, I hope! 🙂

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